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A voice reads hidden messages where there are none, and furniture cracks jokes in morse code.
In a living room-like setting, 2 TV screens show residential houses in former East Berlin. Standing outside the houses, a voice can be heard trying to decipher a code from the flickering lights of TVs inside the houses. »Short… long …«, but it doesn't seem to make sense. Simultaneously screens built into the installation emit actual morse code, reciting a GDR-era joke about power abuse in both socialism and capitalism. Using stereotypical imagery of former East Germany and following the example of the artist's own background, the work humorously deals with the processes of identity construction and the desire of belonging. The voice's failing attempts of understanding where there is not much to be understood is countered with the witty joke, which seems to hold more truths about the inner workings of society.

multi channel installation, 2018