In this piece a voting machine algorithm persuades the viewer that it would be the only legitimate leader in a modern democracy, while a web crawler examines the meaning of words like democracy and justice. A LED board advertises buzz words of the global discussion of what kind of society we want to be and the truth comes in the shape of a generic chat message.

This installation reflects on the current discussion on democracy and leadership and the role commercial agents and communication technology has in the discussion.
In reference to the proclaimed ‚death of politics' the work plays with the image of omnipresent black boxes such as voting booths, our communication devices, Google's page rank, Facebook's trending topics, global stock market and housing mortgage and the general question: Who is talking?

Link to video 1 (Ethical Machine)
Link to video 2 (Spider Walk)

2 channel 1920x1080 video, LED board, acrylic glass on foam board, 2017