Ariha on the move

web based storytelling project, 2014

The work was developed for 'the anthropocene project' of Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Ariha on the move is a storytelling project, a homepage of a fictional community and a thought experiment using communication guerilla. It tells the story of a community that decides to relocate their entire town on their own as a reaction to climate zone shift. Centered on the theme of planning for a future of a changing climate, the project is an interactive offering comprised of maps, live camera feed, videos, and more. Although the community is set in the future, the interactive platform enables users to transfer the setting into the present and contribute to idea development of future scenarios online.The key question at the center of the project is how mankind can address its own role as a geological factor. Information on real persons, projects, approaches and stories of the anthropocene are woven into the story in order to make the platform rather a starting point of a contemporary real story of the anthropocene rather than an utopical fiction.


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